John Loudon

About Me

I work as Senior Web Designer within BiP Solutions, leading a team of six multimedia designers that look after all visual media projects within the company.

My main management focus is to ensure delivery of all work to the latest specifications and standards used in our sector. I put a strong focus on the development of my team, offering tailored courses, activities and projects that will help strengthen the various skills required by our company and external clients, including many government agencies and organisations.

Management responsibilities include the day-to-day management of the team in areas of compliance to web/security standards, allocation of resources, time management and project management. I also run various SEO, UX, IA and performance experiments across our network of sites to deliver a calculated approach to the work.

Outside of work I am an active member of many of Glasgow's technology and design groups including: Glasgow TechMeetup, British Computer Society, Glasgow UX Book Club and Glasgow Refresh. In addition to these free communities I have attended 'Digital 2012', 'Future of Web Design', 'Adobe CS3' and 'CS4' seminars held in the CCA.

When not attending events I carry out various training courses both to agencies in Glasgow and in an academic capacity as an evening lecturer at Motherwell College. I have pushed this side of my development in order to become a more supportive and rounded senior to my team. I recently expanded on this by delivering a presentation at Glasgow Techmeetup around 'Infographics and the visualisation of data'. It was my intention to showcase some of the research and activities I have used to challenge our multimedia design team into thinking differently about how we present information through design.

I am an avid reader and digest many books related to design, usability, coding, social media and infographics throughout the year. I have a keen interest in what I do and I'm always looking to expand on this.