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John Loudon

Currently working at BiP Solutions leading a team of six designers. I have also lectured and taught Multimedia to agencies in and around Glasgow.

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Recent Articles


Being the Design Professional

A short book review and taster of Design Professionalism


Steve Jobs - Book Review

Recently complete reading Steve Jobs Autobiography thought I would share a short review with you.


Squiz Seminar

Some thoughts and opinions around a recent seminar I attended in Edinburgh.


Glasgow Techmeetup - February

Part of my ongoing news updates, in this short article I look to summarise the latest Glasgow Techmeetup


"John is able to take a simple/short brief from the client and turn it into a fully functioning website or application interface."

Scott Smith - Commercial Director

"John is an asset to any design team with obvious leadership potential. His enthusiasm for web design, willingness to learn, work ethic and straight up talent makes him a sure fire guaranteed innovator for the future"

Craig Brown - Head of Digital

"John delivers imaginative and engaging design work underpinned with exacting quality and technical rigour."

Gerry Thorogood- Commercial Team Leader

"John is highly motivated and is passionate about his work. He also displays a keen interest in industry developments such as SEO, usability, accessibility as well as emerging web design practices."

Scott Montgomery - Project Manager

"John is comfortable in dealing with all levels of staff within the business, from his own team through to the directors and CEO level, where his opinion and ideas are highly regarded."

Graham McMath - Project Manager

"John has an incredible wealth of knowledge when it comes to Design, CSS, SEO and Useability."

Iain Quickfall - Senior Developer

"John's knowledge and skills at web design are impeccable and he never fails to meet the high demands of the customer."

Craig Baillie - Junior Developer

"John works well under pressure. Creative, thoughtful and with a very good knowledge of web design John can handle himself in any situation."

Bryan Davis - Web Designer

"John is a passionate and enthusiastic designer, with a wealth of knowledge and ideas who delivers to the highest of standards"

Chris Kay - Senior Developer

"With excellent client facing skills John has proved himself in numerous occassions to deliver first class projects quickly and when under pressure."

Scott Sandlan - Senior Designer